FaithEmpowers.com strives to help the world see that Faith empowers our human family to discover truth, create beauty, and promote goodness. While all religions can share common elements of solidarity and transcendence, the Christian Faith has a special and unique place in history as a source of truth, goodness, and beauty.


When the truth of the matter is sufficiently considered, all sources of knowledge indicate that Faith empowers humanity to reach higher purposes. Religious faith has been and can continue to be a source for healing, peace, and unity among all peoples.


The Natural Sciences, History, the Arts, Culture, Mathematics, Economics, Philosophy, Logic & Reason, Psychology, Social sciences, Politics, and Technology all indicate that Faith Empowers humanity by providing a basis for sustaining a healthy and thriving human culture directed towards truth, goodness, and beauty.

To this goal, FaithEmpowers.com provides concise descriptions of how Faith empowers people to reach higher purposes, as well as providing sources that clearly show that there are deep and profound truths about how Faith empowers us. These truths about Faith span many human efforts, events, and ideas. These events and happenings have been investigated thoroughly. These sources that illustrate how Faith empowers are innumerable, and we seek to bring a focus on the sources that speak most profoundly to modern humanity.

Content Format

To relay the truth topic-by-topic about how Faith empowers through:

 In A Nutshell - a brief consideration of the topic, about 3 or 4 sentences

Dig Deep - a list of online links with great information for further consideration

1,000 Words - vivid visual media, including videos, graphical images, and photos that illustrate the topic

Dig Really Deep - selected sources that address the topic at an amazing depth and breadth of knowledge